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CL Services 

Considering the individuality of each space, the hourly rate for our services will be determined by the room's size and the level of organization required. Please briefly summarize your space and goals, and we will collaborate to identify a solution that fits your budget and timeframe. I am currently balancing a full-time job while starting the company, so my availability will be limited initially. The primary goal is to provide affordable service by prioritizing the reuse of existing materials or setting strict budgets for new materials. Consequently, the pricing structure is primarily determined by the hours dedicated to organizing your space and the size of the job. I look forward to hearing from you to work together to achieve your organizational goals!


Small Storage

Small Storage includes virtual documentation, closets, or paperwork filing

Small Room 

Small Room includes bathrooms, offices, or kids playrooms 

Large Room 

Large Room includes kitchens, garages, or more than one area in a room. (i.e. bedroom and closest)


Packing and Unpacking includes assistance while packing up home as well as unpacking with CL systems 

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Virtual Design

Virtual Consultation with CL to design your space with organization you can impart at home. Accessibility and inclusion is important to CL. If having another person go through your home isn’t right for you -  CL will work with you to create a system tailored to your personal process. 

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